website redesign

How to know if your website needs a redesign

Here are the top 5 things to ask yourself.

  1. Is your website bringing in new customers?
  2. What feedback are you getting from current customers?
  3. Is it easy to manage?
  4. Is it mobile friendly?
  5. Is it showing up in search results?

For brick and mortar businesses especially you need to be showing up in local search results. Let’s start with number 5 on the list. How is your website showing up in search results? 

Google your business name

Does the website come up? Yes, great, you have taken care of brand SEO. If the answer was no, then that is one red flag as to why you would need some help with your website.

Pull out your phone and go to your website

How does it look? Is it very small to where you have to zoom in to read the information? Then you definitely need a new website. Does it look ok, but load slow? This is something to take note of for when you hire a web designer.

Editing your website should be easy and fun

Do you cry inside knowing you have to edit a page on the website? If the answer to this question is yes, then you really need to look into other platforms. I specialize in WordPress website, which is one of the first website content management systems out there. Since it is one of the first it has evolved greatly over the past 10 plus years. Wix and Sqaurespace make editing websites easier, but they also can be challenging depending on what functionality you have on your website. 

Take a note of where the biggest pain points are on your website when it comes to maintenance and keeping it up to date. Website platforms such as WordPress, Wix etc are always changing and something that didn’t work well before might work much better now in a newer version. You just need someone who can create a better solution for you. 

Ask your customers what they think of your website

The answers you get from simply asking will help a lot. Afterall, your website exists for your customers right? You can also use websites like to see what your customers see when they visit your website. We can review their behavior and improve use experience by analyzing this data.

Finally really take a step back and look at your business as a whole

How much of your business over the past 30 days has come as a direct result of your website? If you are satisfied with the number, great, if not then take note of that as one of your priorities in a website redesign. 

Every business needs to grow through new customer acquisition and current customer retention, so keeping this in mind when analyzing your website performance will allow you to make decisions that will help your business continue to grow.