About The Team

Originally founded in 2009 as Hotpinkos Designs, Candice Lehman transitioned her Freelance business to a Digital Marketing agency in 2018. Together with Team Members across the USA Circletown Marketing brings a wealth of Marketing Strategy, and years of Graphic Design Experience to Small Businesses in industries from Real Estate to Restaurants, and Dance Studios to Car Dealerships etc.




Owner / Digital Marketing Strategist

Candice has worked as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Project Manager, User Experience Designer, and Digital Marketer. With degrees in Graphic Design and Web Design as well as over 10 years of experience in Marketing Support she has an eye for clean design and really enjoys the strategy behind setting up automated Marketing systems.

Candice created Circletown Marketing to help small business owners get more clients and grow their businesses. As a military spouse and mother of two she enjoys the flexibility of  working online with a growing remote team.


Jessica L.

Virtual Assistant
Specializing in graphic design and customer support
Jessica has always been creating, art is her therapy. She has an associates degree in Graphic Design, and a bachelors degree in Communications/Advertising.
She's so happy to be putting her education to good use by helping others grow their business.
When not working she is enjoying time with her husband and daughter.



Alencia F.

Sales Specialist

Alencia Felix has a bachelor in mathematics and biochemistry. She  enjoys learning, networking, traveling and selling. When she’s  not exploring a new hobby, she’s having quality time with her family.

After spending nearly a three years working in Sales and for different well known companies. Alencia knows what truly drives conversions. Alencia  knows how to study the market and deliver success. Allow Alencia and the Circletown Marketing team to help you with your business needs.


Ashley B.

Sales Specialist

Ashley is a professional who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow their business. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Business/Public Administration.

She has been a freelancer for a couple years now and really thrives on helping others. When she’s not freelancing or working with Circletown Marketing, she is spending time with her 2 children and husband in Georgia.





Haeshah is a creative professional who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations create content to enhance their business. She has over 12 years of experience in creative writing, editing, public relations, social media management, nonprofit and community leadership.

When it comes to creating content, Haeshah is always reminded of her favorite quote by the late Leo Burnett, "Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read."




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