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How to create a landing page with Beaver Builder

How to create a landing page with Beaver Builder and Power Pack

If you’re already looking to create a landing page on your website, then you know why it’s important. For anyone else who doesn’t know here are 3 quick reasons why creating a landing page is a good idea. You can speak directly to a specific target audience or niche. You can remove distractions, thus increasing…

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Websites must have Web Hosting – which company to choose

Ok, there are a bunch of web hosting options out there. So which one do you choose? First of all, why do you even need a web host anyway? Let’s back up again, what the heck is a web host?  Wikipedia puts it this way  “web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service…

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Our Perfect Marketing Mix

Every small business we work with first gets a consultation to determine if their business is positioned for growth online. It’s interesting to take a company from any stage in a lifespan, new business (0-5 years), established business (5-10 years), long-time business (10+years), and determine what can be done online to help this business grow…

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Web Design from TX to CA

Last year (2018) Circletown Marketing was born from a single freelancer business to an agency. We’re excited about this transformation because it allows us to provide a full range of web design and marketing services to our customers. Our goal is to add more team members to our group so that we can assist business…

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Don’t forget Direct Mail

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘direct mail’? More and more these days, you may be seeing and hearing people talking about ‘digital marketing’ or ‘e-mail marketing’, but what happened to direct mail? Is it as dead as some people would have you believe? At Circletown Marketing we don’t think so. Let’s…

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Why your business needs an email list

If you are paying attention to anything happening in online businesses, and even brick and mortar businesses, you know that it is becoming more and more common to have an e-mail list for your customers, clients, or audience. What you may not understand is why your business needs one, especially if you’ve been been running…

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