How to work with a remote team member

So you’ve just created your first job posting on or similar website. Now how do we move this project forward? If you’ve laid out your goals and tasks that you want to have accomplished then your web designer most likely gave you a timeline for when these items would be completed.  Some of the…

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How to hire a freelance web designer

Before hiring a web designer for a new project there are a few things you need to know. What is your budget? What tasks do you need to have done and in what order? What is your end goal? Do you have all of your domain / hosting / website login details? There are many…

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Website redesigns, the right way

Over the past 10 years as a web designer I’ve helped clients redesign their websites, and have been tasked to help after a site has been newly redesigned by someone else.  Some of the problems that my clients have encountered and how I was able to help. Missing login information Missing Google analytics information Losing…

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How to know if your website needs a redesign

website redesign

Here are the top 5 things to ask yourself. Is your website bringing in new customers? What feedback are you getting from current customers? Is it easy to manage? Is it mobile friendly? Is it showing up in search results? For brick and mortar businesses especially you need to be showing up in local search…

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How to update WordPress plugins

Did you just have your website designed? Or, have you had a WordPress website for many years? If you’ve had a website for awhile, then you know that you need to keep your WordPress plugins. Just like app updates on your smart phone WordPress plugin authors put out regular updates to improve usability and functionality…

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Why Reputation Management is Important for Your Local Business

person holding iPhone with google reviews

Wondering what your customers are saying about your business? Are those reviews on Google actually important to your business?  You bet they are.  Questioning if the image your brand wants to portray is the one people are actually seeing?  In a digital age, managing your online reputation is vital to gaining customers and building relationships. …

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