Website redesigns, the right way

Over the past 10 years as a web designer I’ve helped clients redesign their websites, and have been tasked to help after a site has been newly redesigned by someone else. 

Some of the problems that my clients have encountered and how I was able to help.

  1. Missing login information
  1. Missing Google analytics information
  1. Losing their domain name
  1. Redesigns that wipe out past keyword research

Here are some tips for preparing for a new website redesigns and addressing these potential pitfalls. 


Make sure you have ALL logins for your website including any third party applications that you use.

Keep these login details in a safe place such as using a password vault like or if you’re old school print them out in a binder still works as well. I’ve helped clients access their websites with missing login info only if they are listed on the hosting account. If you’re getting a bill for hosting that’s actually a good sign, it means you will be able to contact the host. Bluehost for example, and give your name and contact info to regain access and login details. 


Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your website and that you have access to the account through

This is pretty straight forward, but if you aren’t listed on the account and the google analytics code was not put back in place when the redesign happened then we have to create a new account and you lose all of your historical data. 


Check that you own the domain name directly, and not through another company.

For example, do you own your domain name directly from or or does someone else manage it for you? Even sites like can technically own your domain name and sell it to someone else before you have a say in the matter. 


When hiring a new web designer make sure your web designer knows to run an SEO audit before the redesign work is started, and then again at least 3 months after it’s completed.

On-page meta data should be either put back in place as it was, or improved as the copywriting improved. You can also run these SEO audits on sites like for free.

Organizing this information before a website redesign begins will help your project progress smoothly. Any time you redesign a site that has been around for awhile you are in danger of losing google ranking. It is normal for your newly launched site to see a dip, but then begin to climb back to it’s same ranking level or improve in the search engine results page. 

Moving forward on a redesign project with these items in mind will keep you confidently prepared for the daunting task of a website redesign project.

Next you might be wondering where to find someone to do the work. Hire a freelance web designer though is a good option.