Web Design from TX to CA

Last year (2018) Circletown Marketing was born from a single freelancer business to an agency. We’re excited about this transformation because it allows us to provide a full range of web design and marketing services to our customers.

Our goal is to add more team members to our group so that we can assist business owners with everything from Graphic Design and Copywriting to Marketing Strategy and Ad Management just as founder Candice Lehman has done over the past 10 years as a freelancer, only with improved efficiency which is born from a team.

Creating websites in Texas was a lot of fun. Especially inspiring was the number of veterans who chose to take on entrepreneurship after retiring from military services. We are still working with many of our clients from Texas after having moved the business to a new home base of Barstow California.

As a military spouse owned business the inevitable move to a new location happens every 3 to 4 years. This gives us the opportunity to meet new business owners in completely different communities which can provide the challenge of understanding the demographics of customers in each new area.

Now with an office in Barstow, California we are excited to be directly working with the Entrepreneurial Center that also wants to empower business owners to follow their dreams and create the business and life they love. So as we make this transition we appreciate our clients from CA to TX, and are looking forward to meeting more here in Barstow California during our time at Fort Irwin.