How to work with a remote team member

So you’ve just created your first job posting on or similar website. Now how do we move this project forward?

If you’ve laid out your goals and tasks that you want to have accomplished then your web designer most likely gave you a timeline for when these items would be completed. 

Some of the tools that are critical and make things move quickly are: 

1. An instant messaging program 

These can include such apps as skype, slack, the upwork messenger and Facebook Messenger.

Email is helpful as well, but we all know how crazy email inboxes can get, so keeping communication together in an instant messaging app can help.

2. Google Docs 

Sharing the tasks you’ve outlined in a Google Doc will allow you to communicate directly with a remote freelancer through the comments section vs. a Microsoft Word attachment in an email. 

3. Lastpass

I mentioned Lastpass before as a way to keep all of your website details organized. Once you have the passwords loaded into Lastpass you can also share these login details safely with your webdesigner.

For a website redesign project you will have your task list created with Google docs, then share with the freelancer. Have all of your login details in a folder on, share that with the freelancer. Before a project begins they will make sure they have access to your website, and any graphics depositories that you have shared. 

As work progresses they can keep you updated with the Google docs document, and via the Instant Messaging program you decided on or Email.

4. Zoom

And of course we all know Zoom or Google Hangouts is a huge help! There’s no better way to talk face to face when you can’t be face to face than video conferences.

Managing it all

Checking in on a predetermined time table will give you the confidence to know that they are working out, especially when working with someone for the first time.