How to get more customers even in a small town

When you live in a small town and run a small business there are only as many customers as live in your town. Right?

Not anymore!

Yes, it depends on your business, but service based businesses might expand their range of services to surrounding towns, and restaurants might offer discounts to entice patrons from neighboring towns over to their location in the weekends or evenings.

We are living in a time with endless possibilities when it comes to online business. Imaginative business owners are not limited to just the population of their small town.

A clothing boutique location might add an e-commerce store to their website. Add social media and keep in touch with customers and prospects through daily interaction online. By doing this you will begin to have a following on social media and customers all over the country (or around the world if you choose). You can always offer specials to draw people into your store if they are close. Who knows, eventually your customers might travel from hundreds of miles around just to shop at your store in person.

Just like the Sears catalog years ago, you can now reach customers anywhere and it’s not as expensive as you might think.

What about service based businesses? Services such as auto mechanics might increase their user base through affiliate marketing and selling other people’s auto products online. Or could add a store to their website, Amazon, or eBay. Dentists are now using Google ads and automated scheduling systems to gain new clients in their area and surrounding towns.

If you’re struggling to find more clients in your small town, give us a call. In one free strategy session we can identify new ways to get your messaging out there and bring customers to your door, or website.