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Because sometimes it's good to have a neutral party give you some new ideas!

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How will this help?

Getting an outside perspective can help in many ways. Maybe you already know why your website isn't producing the results you're looking for. Or, maybe it looks perfect to you and you have no idea why it isn't producing. Either way having an expert review your site will either confirm your suspicions or give you some ideas on ways to improve customer experience.


Is your branding consistent? Is it modern? Does it match your message?


Search Engine Optimization covers several different items. We'll give you an overview of how your site ranks and where improvements could be made.


Is your messaging speaking to your ideal customer? 


Now what? Once the review is done we'll offer you a few ideas on what you can do next to take your website to the next level.

About Candice Lehman, Web Designer

Candice has been designing and maintaining websites since 2005. She's worked with development teams in User Experience, and Marketing teams in visual design, SEO, and conversion optimization.

As owner of Circletown Marketing she helps her clients bring their ideas to life.


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